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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 31, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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it happened near the fruitvale bart station. the alameda sheriff's deputy was conducting a traffic stop near san leandro street and 33rd avenue when the driver took off and dragged the deputy behind. at some point shots were fired and the car crashed nearby. authorities say the suspect was shot several times and died at the hospital. the deputy was shot in the leg and is expected to be okay, but right now it is not clear whether both the deputy and the suspect fired a gun or perhaps the deputy was hit with one of his own bullets. in san francisco, the search continues for the gunman who shot and killed a 19-year-old college student. that student was in town visiting family for spring break. it happened around 3:00 yesterday morning in the mission district near 24th and bryant street not far from san francisco general. "today in the bay's" kimberly tere has more from those who knew the victim. >> it's heartbreaking when something happens like that. >> family and friends left
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candles in the spot where jacob. his dad found him lying on the stairs. >> it's terrible how random and how easily it happens. >> valdiviezo was walking with a friend to his parent's house and police say a man got out of the car, asked if he was in a gang and in the same moment shot him. his friend was not injured and valdiviezo was taken to the hospital where he died. >> such a loss and he had so much to live for. it just makes me so sad of what his last moment on earth was like. no one deserves that. >> tammy bryant didn't know valdiviezo, but said she heard about the shooting and came from across town to pay her respects. family and friends said he had no gang ties. the 19-year-old was on spring break from lewis and clark college in portland, oregon, where he played football after graduating from archbishop riordan high school in 2011. >> i have a son, and i hope, and
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i had hoped before this happened that he would grow up to be like jacob. >> valdiviezo's p.e. teacher left this basketball at the memorial. the all-around athlete and scholar never would have been involved in anything violent which makes the shooting that much more shocking. >> i mean, he was -- he was the nicest kid you could ever meet. he was the friendliest kid you could ever meet and he was one of the few kids that i've known in my 14 years working there that would always stick up for the little kid that was getting bullied or made sure someone had enough to eat and he thought of others before himself. >> that was kimberly tere reporting. >> in other news, a 7-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after he was shot after a family barbecue in antioch. police say someone shot several shots around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the boy who was visiting from out of town with his parents was
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hit in the torso and is recovering in children's hospital in oakland this morning. no one else was hurt. authorities say the shotses were fired from the g street overcrossing. if you have any information on the shooting you are asked to call antioch police. also in the east bay, a suspect in a deadly shooting in january is now under arrest this morning. police arrested 18-year-old jabri bennett on friday. he is accused of firing shots at a bart station on january 19th killing kenneth sheets an innocent bystander who was just wait for example a bus. police identified bennett as a prime suspect in january, but have not been able to locate him. a policeman on patrol spotted bennett and took him into custody. this morning two men from the bay area are wanted for a bank heist. this is video of the robbery. the two men stole more than $1 million in gold, jewelry and
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artifacts from an historical collection in eureka. the crime actually happened more than a year ago, but the suspects were just named by authorities. 49-year-old david johnson of el cerrito, 51 scott bailey are now under arrest. there are arrest warrants for both of them on $1 million. new in morning, pope frances is celebrating his first easter sunday as leader of the roman catholic church. [ speaking italian ] >> in front of a packed st. peter's square of nearly 250,000 people pope frances called for peace around the world today urging leaders to find diplomatic solutions both in syria and on the korean peninsula. in his first urbi et orbi message from st. peter's basilica he asked for reconciliation and solutions to
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conflicts in several african nations. plenty of easter celebrations in the bay area. san francisco will host the spring celebration and easter parade later this morning. the festivities will tack place along union street between goth and fillmore street starting at 11:15 with, of course, the easter bonnet contest. the biggest little parade in san francisco kicks off at 2:00 this afternoon. still ahead on today in the bay, unraveling a mystery at sea. why a scientist thinks hundred of sea lion pups are washing up along the california coast. plus, they took a break from fighting crime for a haircut. the cause that inspired several police officers to shave their heads.
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good sunday morning to you. a beautiful sunrise over the bay bring in san francisco. we are getting a break in the rain. if you want to hide some eggs, do it early, if not, take your
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chances later. scientists in southern california are growing more and more concerned about the starving sea lion pups that are washing on to beaches. so far more than 900 have been rescued just this year. scientistses are scrambling to figure out why. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the story. >> reporter: in southern california, a massive rescue effort. to save hundreds of starving sea lion pups stranded along the coast. they're hypothermic, they're hungry. they're basically starving pups just so cold without the body fat. >> reporter: rescue centers are overflowing with pups coming so malnourished they have to be tube fed and beyond the sad eyes are alarming statistics. last year through march there were 88 strandings in southern california. so far this year there have been 948, and the numbers are rising. southern california centers can't keep up this week. they had to ship some animals all of the way to northern
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california to the marine mammal center in sausalito. sea lions can weigh between 60 and 70 pounds. these guys are coming in weighing as little as 18. it's estimated that only half the pups born last june even made it this far. scientists are trying to figure out why. their best guess is that the sea lion's food, anchovies, aren't there this year. leaving pups unable to nurse and looking for comfort wherever they can. >> if you're a young california sea lion inexperienced being out on your own, you're weak. you're going to find anywhere that seems safe, and anywhere that you have the energy to get to. >> reporter: in the hospitals, they're given the nutrition they ne with the hopes they'll eventually be released back into the wild, but on the beaches, it is still a struggle. a fight against starvation and a race to rescue all they can. kristen dahlgren, nbc news,
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sausalito, california. still ahead on "today in the bay" the high-tech twist on the traditional easter egg hunt helping kids all around the country. >> and here's a view of the golden gate bridge. you can see clouds there over the marin headwinds and we'll see sunny breaks and we'll try to time for you the opportunities for the most rain we'll see on your easter sunday. so you can make plans for the rest of the day when we come right back.
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and looking live at san jose, a beautiful start to this easter sunday morning. if you are celebrating, i hope you have a fantastic day. veterans of the vietnam war in san jose now have a memorial honoring their sacrifices. ♪ ♪ ♪ volunteers unveiled the memorial at guadalupe river park yesterday which resembles the memorial in washington, d.c., it honors the 142 men from san jose who were killed in the war
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including one still missing in action. many of their family members friends and family members who served with them were in attendance. >> in washington, d.c., you see the names and now you can come here in san jose and touch them, see them and remember them. >> the memorial was paid for fully through done eggs. volunteers are working to raise $80,000 needed for ongoing maintenance costs. it was an emotional day for some people getting their haircut in oakland. oakland police officers joined hundreds of other people at children's hospital oakland to shave their head in solidarity with kids fighting cancer. each person raises money in advance with a pledge to shave their heads. all of the money goes to cancer research for children. one woman was choked up while shaving her hair. sandy schbartz says she was there not only to help children, but to honor a friend who was also battling cancer. >> it was very emotional, but it will grow back.
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cancer is hard to fight. the hair means nothing. artificial or should i say it's cosmetic. >> more than 300 people signed up for yesterday's event which raised $202,000. the tradition of an easter egg hunt can be hard for children who are blind or sight-impaired. one organization is hoping to change that. >> who doesn't remember going on easter egg hunts? as a kid, it's part of growing up, but for the blind or visually impaired it can be challenging until now. >> most eggs don't beep. these eggs beep. >> students from perkins school for the blind took part in the third annual spring egg hunt. with beeping eggs. >> i feel like this is a place where i can interact with kids that are just like me because
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since i was born i've always been curious about all of the kids like me and now i know. >> reporter: organizers with perkins school for the blind says it is mostly for fun and a chance to show the kids they can do the same thing as the friends who can see. >> they've never had that opportunity, but with this, they can do that and have fun doing it. in some way, the parents enjoy it more than the kids showing the children they can forget they have a disability. >> when you come back for a reunion it's heartwarming to be here. >> the eggs are hidden in three separate areas for kids with no sight, kids in wheelchairs and kids who can see. >> kids who are blind can doing about other kids can do as long as they're given the opportunity and the tools to do it. >> that was brandon gano reporting. about a hundred kids participated in the annual easter egg hunt. of course, we have a beeping easter egg hunt in the bay area,
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as well. the rain has moved in and so has the lightning and thunder. this is video from near mt. hamilton east of san jose last night. you slow the video down and you can see how far the lightning traveled. rob, you took the video, and you saw it coming, but was it far or not? >> we don't have too many thunderstorm days throughout the year and when you have the lightning that takes place, you need a rare set of circumstances to do that. you need vertical moisture and the area in the northwest we had those things come together last night and with the low still moving our way, we will still have scattered showers and a chance for getting more afternoon thounder showers in the forecast. we're in the 50s across the board in the bay area. partly cloudy skies and not much wind, but a bit of an onshore breeze. much different view than 12
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hours ago. you can see just a few scattered showers moving away from st. mary's heading away from marindo. and into the north bay, you can see the showers lifting off to the north. back to the south bay, not a whole lot happening here, but as we go through the next few hours which will start to see here will be another band of showers approaching the coast that will cross the coastline as we get closer to lunchtime. you can see the primary band that had the lightning along the east bay hills and in the coastal range. that has now moved to the sierra where we're seeing snow above 7,000 feet. the area of low pressure which continues to funnel in this most you are out of the south, it slowed down. we thought it would be sitting right on top of our heads this morning, but with it still off to the west you can see some of the thunder showers offshore. this will drift our way very slowly, but notice here from 10:00, not too bad for big
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easter egg hunts this morning and watch what happens as we head toward lunchtime and we'll see showers start to sweep on through with the chance of isolated thunder and a few spots and it now looks like we'll hang on to those showers into tonight and tomorrow's commute. you can see it is taking its time across the bay area and those showers will linger tonight into tomorrow morning. in the 60s and not quite as warm as the 70s we had in a few spots. out toward pleasanton and sunny breaks with a few scattered showers and still a slight chance of a thunder shower and you'll see highs in the mid-60s and it's now today and tomorrow. we'll have the scattered showers going but enough breaks for sunshine at times this morning. tuesday and wednesday, those should be completely dry days for the bay area and slight warm-up for the middle part of the week and from thursday and friday that will toss their way and perhaps colder which could add a little bit more in the way
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of snow in the sierra. so not a complete washout today. it looks decent outside other than the scattered showers and the showers will be increasing later in the day. >> thank you very much, bob. >> still ahead on "today in the bay." he claims he was fired from his job. >> we'll explain how this relationship works.
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it is a fight for justice for one south bay man and he says he could not do it alone. he says he was fired because of his religion and when he was he turned to stanford students for help. stephanie has the story for bay area. >> rick pink was laid off. >> i was on unemployment for two years. >> it wasn't until 2010 when he landed a job in fedex ground in san jose.
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two years went by smoothly he says, but then pink says his boss changed his schedule to include the only day he said he told him would always be off-limits, saturday. >> i don't work on saturdays. it's my sabbath. pink is a seventh day adventist, a protestant christian denomination that celebrates a saturday a sabbath instead of sunday. >> as long as i provided him with a letter from my pastor. >> pink says soon after he was called to the boss' office and told every saturday he didn't show up he would be written up. >> if i was written up three times that i would be terminated. >> pink said three saturdays passed and weeks later he was officially fired. >> i was cutoff like that. so he decided to sue. fedex ground told nbc bay area it cannot comment on pending litigation, but the company embraces diversity reading in part, a number of factors determine employees' schedules
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with the ultimate goal of ensuring our customers' packages are delivered on time and in good condition. to take on his former employer pink went to stanford, and jim sonny and a team of stanford law students stepped in representing him pro bono. >> you realize, without a lawyer and without someone who will help you, you're not going have a chance with a big corporation. >> particularly with religious practices that might seem obscure and strange to the mainstream they deserve representation. >> they're part of the only clinic of its kind in the country. >> they believe the right to practice their religion is being trampled on. >> just like you would in a free speech case, you wouldn't necessarily support the message, but you support the right of the person to speak. >> every quarter, new students are expected to immerse themselves in the clinic taking on real-life cases full time. practicing law instead of just
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studying it. >> you're working with real people. it's live ammunition, so to speak, and it's really fulfilling. >> the stanford clinic wrapped up the first-ever quarter including the muslim group trying to build a mosque and so far rejected told it would violate land use law and the students are also helping prisoners including one returning to judaism trying to get circumsized. prison officials said no. >> we had another case involving a native american who engages in sacred pipe rituals. it was restricted in those practices. >> i really feel i'm in good hands. >> as the quarters change, new students will take over the case. pink says he stays motivated by the countless other people that may be in his shoes. >> it doesn't matter what your religious choice is. >> his case are set to go to trial within a year. win or lose, pink says just having the support from the students has helped him to move
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forward. >> you take a deep breath, and, you know, you say your prayers and you move on. stephanie truong, nbc, bay area news. we still have more on "today in the bay" including what the white house has to say this morning in response to north korea's latest threat. hello?
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lightning to end the day yesterday and now cloudy skies and some patchy rain to start the day today. thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. happy easter to you. if you have plans that involve outdoors you might want to bring them indoors. it's not too bad. we have the sunshine and san jose and san francisco over toward oakland and we have the showers out toward the hill tops and into the marin headlands. notice offshore we've got a
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little more lining up and that will push our way as we head toward lunchtime into the afternoon and we're really sort of in between bands and you can see the main band that came through last night and gave us all lightning and thunder and the area of low pressure will start to cross over the bay area as we get into the afternoon and we think between the heating of the day we'll see the showers peck up a bit as we get into the afternoon and it's a day we'll keep the umbrella on standby. you can see mid to upper 60s. so fairly mild today and not very chilly out there and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s may seem muggy again today. we'll see the showers last longer as we get into the work week and we'll show you the impact on monday. pope frances is celebrating his first easter sunday as leader of the roman catholic church.
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"speaking italian prep [. >> nearly 250,000 people packed st. peter's square to hear the message as he called for worldwide peace. he urged leaders to find diplomatic solutions in syria and north korea. in his first urbi et orbi message he also called for reconciliation between israelis and palestinians and solutions to conflicts in african nations. >> the white house also talking about north korea this morning. a spokeswoman said the new threats by the north are being taken very seriously. north korea announced it was entering a state of war with south korea yesterday. the north also threatened to shut down a border factory complex that is the last major symbol of cooperation between the two countries. a spokeswoman for the white house national security council said u.s. officials are in close contact with south korean allies, but adds that the north has a long history of these types of aggressive threats. >> and officials in france are on high alert this morning after
7:30 am
a bomb threat forced paris to evacuate the eiffel tower. police there said the threat came from an anonymous caller who said the attack could happen last night. bomb-sniffing dogs searched the tower, but found no bomb. police are trying to track down where that threat came from. >> messages of support continued for former south african president nelson mandela as he spends another day in the hospital. mandela is in the hospital for a recurrence of pneumonia and for doctors to drain excess fluid built up around his lungs and he is said to be comfortable and breathing without difficulty. this is mandela's third time in the hospital since december. >> hundreds of people lined up in oklahoma this weekend to get tested for hepatitis and hiv. all of them were patients of the same oral surgeon. state health officials say dr. scott harringtonay clinic may have been the source of hep
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tightis in one patient and they feared that there could be more. 7,000 patients were notified by the health department that they may have been exposed to hepatitis or hiv. >> we are here for the long run. we know that it will take a couple of weeks, months to get everyone screened and so we are here and we'll have this clinic established here until we see the last person. >> in a 17-count complaint, the state board of dentistry accuses harrington of being, quote, a menace to public health because of unsanitary practices. inspectors say the equipment had rusty equipment, allowed dental assistants to perform iv sedation without a license and re-use needles and old drugs. harrington is cooperating with authorities, but already gave up his license. >> a shocking shooting in technology where authorities are investigating the killings of a texas county district attorney and his wife who were shot dead in their own home. he was the d.a. of coughman
7:32 am
county, texas. one of the top prosecutors was also shot to death. at the time of the murder mclellan swore they would find the perpetrator and no one has yet been arrested for the crime. investigators are trying to figure out if there is a connection between the two cases. >> police in los angeles have identified a suspect in the kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl last week. authorities are asking for help in finding 30-year-old tobias dustin summers. a transient who they say took the girl from her bedroom in the middle of the night. the 10-year-old was found hours later after being abandoned in front of a hospital. police did not elaborate on a motive, but they don't believe the girl's family knew the suspect. the fbi is ready to help if necessary. >> once an arrest warrant is secured, should we determine that there's information to believe that summers has fled the state of california, the fbi stands prepared to get a federal warrant to prevent unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. >> he has a record dating back
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to 2002 on charges that include kidnapping. a 7-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital this morning after he was shot during a family barbecue in antioch. police say someone fired several shots into the backyard of a home on william reid avenue around 4:00 is saturday afternoon. the boy was hit in the torso and is now recovering in children's hospital oakland this morning. no one else was injured. authorities say it appears the shots were fired near the g street overcrossing. if you have any information on the shooting you are asked to call antioch police. you can give that information anonymously. the search continues for the gunman who shot and killed a 19-year-old college student. that student was in town visiting family for spring break. it happened around 3:00 in the mission district near 24th and bryant street's. this morning family and friends are leaving candles and flowers on the spot where jacob
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valdiviezo was killed. police say valdiviezo was walking home with a friend after a night out when a man got out of a car and asked valdiviezo if he was in a gang. the suspect shot him before he could respond. valdiviezo was rushed to the hospital where he died. his p-e teacher from grade school said the student was an athlete and scholar and would never have been involved in anything violent. >> i hope and i had hoped before this happened that he would grow up to be like jacob. he was the nicest kid you could ever meet. he was the friendliest kid you could ever meet and he was one of the few kids that i've known in my 14 years working there that would always stick up for the little kid that was getting bullied or make sure that someone had enough to eat. he thought about others before himself. >> valdiviezo's family was on spring break and says he was on
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spring break from lewis and clark college in portland, oregon, where he was on the football team. he graduated from archbishop riordan high school in 2011. we are following a developing story in the east bay where a suspect is dead and sheriff's deputies are recovering from a shootout in oakland. it happened around 10:00 last night. the alameda county sheriff's deputy was reportedly conducting's traffic stop near san leandro street and 33rd avenue when the driver took off, dragging the deputy. at some point shots were fired and the car crashed nearby. the suspect was shot several times and died at the hospital. the deputy was shot in the leg and he's expected to be okay, but right now it's unclear whether the deputy and the suspect both fired guns or whether the deputy was hit by his own bullet. still ahead on "today in the bay" will he or won't he be ready to go for opening day tomorrow. the latest on pablo sandoval's injury. plus a major upset in the world
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of college hoops. we'll tell you what bay area team is moving on to the elite eight.
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good morning. looking live at the hp pavilion where the san jose sharks will take over the vancouver canucks tomorrow. they extended their win streak beating the coyotes 3-2 in a shootout. they are now in sixth place in the western conference. we are not only keeping an eye on the sharks burk t sharks, bu as well where they will drop the magic number to four. last night at the oracle arena. the warriors stayed hot beating the trailblazers 125 to 98 and seth cur we 39 points in that win. golden state have won seven of the last ten games and the team's magic number to clench the playoff spot is looking for number four. >> cardinal fans are wake up shocked this morning.
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top-seeded stanford's hopes of reaching the final four for the sixth straight year crushed last night by georgia. the lady bulldogs upset stanford 61-59 to advance to the next round of the ncaa tournament. where the team will be going and taking on cal tomorrow. the golden bears broke open a close game in the final minutes last night to beat louisiana state 73-63, ouch! that is cal's first trip to the elite 8 in school history. pablo sandoval's status for opening day is still up in the air. he plans to do a light workout at at&t park today to see if his elbow will be good to go tomorrow. meanwhile, the giants and the as battled it out yesterday in the final tune-up before the regular season and the as came out on top beating the giants 4-3. both teams enjoying an easter sunday off today. giants will open up the season tomorrow in los angeles against the dodgers. the as will play at home against
7:40 am
seattle tomorrow night. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," political analyst larry guest onex plains how it could affect california farmers and our state's economy.
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with summer just a few months away, the stalled immigration bill in congress now poses a serious threat to california farmers and our state's economy. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us and the question always, what is the hang up? >> for the longest time, kris, elected officials have fought whether there should even be an immigration bill. the fate of 11 million undocumented residents hang in the balance here. the fight is over the content of the bill and the biggest areas of the agreement that centers on things such as what to do with farmworkers. we always think about h 1 b in
7:43 am
northern california. >> right. >> there's a whole issue of farmworkers. the organized labor, the chamber of commerce they are at odds or have been at odds over how long temporary farm work should be allowed to remain in the u.s. for visit and how many should be let in for any one time and how they should be paid for what they do, so that's the hang up. it's a multiple layer type thing. let's talk about how this affects us in california because this state needs immigrant labor. >> they don't realize what's going on around here. we know that the immigration issue has drawn political blood particularly from the republicans, just all we have to do is go back to 2012 and see how we pay dearly on that. not the political costs in california and the economic costs here and here agriculture in this state alone agriculture is a $45 billion, billion dollar industry. this state alone requires
7:44 am
450,000 farmworkers every year to harvest crops which by the way, just doesn't happens here. and beginning all of the way down in coachella and the imperial valleys working all of the way up to northern california. it's estimated that 70% of the large number of farmworkers here are undocumented residents. with tightened border security and all these things in recent years, farmers increasingly are without enough workers to do what has to be done. so what have they done? they've reduced planting or they've let stuff just rot. that's not good for the economy, kris. that's not good for you and me when we go to the supermarket and pay higher prices. >> not long ago, he was letting his berries rot because he couldn't get anyone to come and pick them. that must be disheartening. we're hearing about a possible movement. >> late-breaking news, late friday night. late friday night the leaders on the set of both sides, the
7:45 am
democrats and the republicans along with organized labor and the chamber of commerce. they came to an agreement on the bill. they decided how many they'll let in over a period of years and what the level of pay will be depending on the type of worker at issue here and the real problem now is they've gone away for easter break. two weeks. the question is what happens when they come back? the senate can take the lead on this, but if the house representative doesn't go along, we're back to square one, but there is so much pressure right now on all sides to get things done. it looks like for the first time in years, really, since 1986 that we may finally see immigration reform. >> we've been talking about it and it will be the topic of "meet the press" and see you right after this. david gregory is off, but you will have chuck todd and it is an interesting topic that affects us. we will see you soon. president obama will be headed to the bay area later this week for a little fund
7:46 am
raising and with that and more of what's to come in the world of business, here's cnbc's tyler matheson. >> it's a new weekend, a new month and the start of a new quarter and the first quarter of the year with the dow and the s&p 500 touching new record highs. the big event this week is friday's march employment report from the labor department. last month the nation's jobless rate fell to 7.7% and we'll see where the strong consumer spending and the recovering housing market helped bring even more jobs back to the economy. we'll get march sales figures for some of the nation's biggest chain stores as well as auto sales for the same month. so far this year, new vehicle sales are up 8.5% over the last rate. just a trickle of earnings ahead of april 8th. we will hear from the spicemaker mccormack, conagra foods and the agricultural giant, monsanto. it's never too early to start raising money and president
7:47 am
obama travels to california this week, headlining a handful of democratic fund raisers for the next midterm elections which take place in a couple of years and the white house easter egg roll takes place on monday with 35,000 children and their families, joining the president on the south lawn. we hope for good weather. i'm tyler math son and get all your business news on cnbc. >> get your business and tech news before the bell weekdays starting at 4:30 in the morning. speak of president obama he enjoyed rest and relaxation this weekend after playing a round of golf, the president attended one of the big college ncaa basketball games and was seen on the jumbo screen during the game between syracuse and marquette. he received a nice welcome from the audience. syracuse also beat indiana, the people the president had picked to go to the championship title game. so nice to know that all of the brackets are busted. still ahead on "today in the
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bay," coming up, a peek into the peep. an inside look at the history of the most popular easter treat coming up. so far easter sunday wake up to some sunshine and a few scattered showers. it will be one of those days when you will need the sunglasses and the umbrella. and we'll come right back.
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and not a bad start to the morning in san jose. lots of easter sunshine if you'll do the easter egg hunts, they have showers earlier that have moved on and weir in between rain bands here in the bay area. as yo you just saw, we have sunshine and 53 degrees and a mild start. we have mid to upper 50s around oakland and 55 degrees in san francisco. we should see with the sunny breaks that we're seeing this morning into the early afternoon. high temperatures today reaching the mid to upper 60s and not too much wind out there and a little bit of a southeast breeze at 7
7:51 am
miles per hour from oak lann and the reason why you're waking up to the wet roadways. those have moved on and we still have isolated showers toward solano county, but offshore we'll see more moisture spill in today and your easter sunday will not be a total washout. you'll get sun at times as you can see here as you have the main rain band that dropped the lightning and thunder out to the bay area. the area of low pressure which had been throughout the weekend has slowed and now the showers will linger on into monday, as well. so the timing that we're looking at. the morning now not too bad and maybe an isolated shower or two and you couple the heating of the day and more moisture coming later on and very likely we'll see the showers popping up during the afternoon and now we're actually seeing the
7:52 am
showers become more widespread. so with the system putting on the brakes a bit for us overnight and morning not too bad, but by tomorrow morning you're looking into the showers by monday night, the showers shut down and it will be drying out for the middle part of the week. i should see the mid to upper 60s and a few passing showers and still a slight chance of a thunder shower especially toward the inland and east bay valleys and should be in the mid-60s around san francisco on off toward the north bay. so sunshine at times and a nice chance of isolated thunder and scattered showers and odds of that increasing as we go through the afternoon and a few more showers into monday and things do dry out tuesday and wednesday and here comes another chance of seeing some rain. for thursday into friday now and maybe some snow as well as 6,000 feet in the sierra which will be good news and the sierra snow pack could use it and this is helping to knock down some of that pollen that's been blowing around and that's the silver lining of the forecast.
7:53 am
the first half of the day now looking better than we're seeing 24 hours ago. >> we can restock today and change the order of things. by the way, in your easter basket, do you get peeps? >> i do, but they're not always eat them. >> i don't care for them, either. some people love them and some people can't imagine easter without the snacks. we're looking into how they're made with katie couplkimberly t. >> electric blue faces that can trigger a thousand memories of easters past. >> i love how they're yummy, sweet and gooey. >> they're just delicious. >> 60 years since the first peep was hatched, the sugar-coated marshmallow has become a lot more than just a treat. they can be a fortitude, a test of true love or for the kids in
7:54 am
maryland, a test of the minds. >> we had to work on how we were going to engineer and design the peeps bird contraption. >> in the world of peeps there are no rules especially when it comes to eating them. >> bite the head off first. that is the most humane way to do it. nibble around the side, but these just cruel to those waiting in the wings or stick the whole thing in your mouth at once and let it dissolve so the others don't know what happened. >> although if you ask anyone who works at the peep's factory, the best way is any way so long as it's right off the conveyor belt. >> how many do you neat a day? >> i have to be honest with you, no more than a dozen. the peeps factory turns out 4 million chicks and bunnies a day. 1 billion for easter alone. 3,810 of those went into big bird at this year's peep art
7:55 am
show in carol county, maryland, where their peep art can even be a peep bart and where the valley kids hope their masterpiece will take home the gold. >> actually, ours is there. >> it's a place and a treat that can even make a grown-up feel like a kid again. >> i went to the peeps factory. katie tere, nbc, maryland. >> what a brat. that's awesome. we want to thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. any part of the day nbc bay happy easter, rob. happy easter, everybody. we'll see you soon.
7:56 am
7:57 am
this easter sunday the culture war over guns, gay marriage, abortion, and immigrati immigration. they're dominating the political
7:58 am
debate. after chilling new details emerge from the newtown shooting that left 20 children dead in december, the president responds to some who claim the push for tighter gun control has stalled. >> the entire country pledged we would do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us if we've forgotten. >> has the moment for action already passed? plus, congress is out but a bipartisan group of key senators is preparing to put rg are forward a highly anticipated plan for immigration reform in the days ahead. we'll talk to two members of the so-called gang of eight, democratic senator from new york, chuck schumer, and republican senator from arizona, jeff flake. and it was a historic week of intense oral arguments at the supreme court as it considered the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. we'll hear from both sides and get insights and analysis on the implications moving forward in a special discussion that includes actor and gay rights supporter rob reiner.
7:59 am
good easter morning. pope francis celebrated his first easter mass it at the vatican encouraging those who have strayed from the faith to return. here at home it's divisive issues as washington grapples with guns, gay marriage and immigration. we have two key members of the so-called bipartisan gang of eight, senators working on a compromise immigration proposal. word coming this weekend that an agreement is near. we'll ask senators schumer and flake about that. first, i want to go around quickly with our first of two political roundtables to frame what's at stake in these debates. joining us the former senior adviser to president barack obama, david axelrod. former congressman and chairman of the national republican campaign committee, former virginia james davis, peggy


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